When boarding your cat you need to bring:
  • Bring your kitty's food, change of diet can be hard for them and may cause additional stress.
  • Evidence of current Rabies & FVRCP. See our FAQs page for more info on shots.
  • Each kitty will need to arrive in his or her own carrier to ensure safe arrival. Should an emergency arise the carrier will be needed for safe departure.
  • His or her bed, blanket, shirt or something that smells like home.
  • We provide dishes for food and water.
  • We can provide interesting toys.
  • Medications and special dietary supplements if any. (There is no extra charge for special diets, and a slight extra charge for giving medications.)
  • Bring an itinerary with telephone numbers where you can be reached while you are away and/or the number of a local friend or family contact.