The clean and comfortable cat boarding environment has heat, air conditioning and pleasant relaxing music. The rooms are separated by double pane glass which allows the light in but keeps complete separation between the rooms, low stress is our motto.

  • None of the cats in the boarding studio interact with each other.
  • Each feline family has their own private room for the duration of their stay.

We understand that boarding your cat can be stressful for them and you, so we take every precaution to make their stay at the resort as stress free as possible.

  • Each room is designed for all their needs.
  • At the Resort each room has a place to hide, a place to scratch, jump up look out the window, stretch out and relax.

Activities will include a daily petting, get the mouse, roll the ball, and grab the feather! Other activities will include relaxing, watch for birds out the window, sleeping, yawning and stretching.