Questions & Answers

Your cat must have up to date RABIES vaccine (1 or 3 year variety) and FVRCP vaccine before they can stay at Paradise Cat Resort or any boarding cattery. Prior to arrival you need to show your vaccination certificates. If you need to have vaccinations or boosters before arriving please ensure they are done 2 weeks before arrival. Unvaccinated cats may not board at Paradise Cat Resort – as per state regulations.
Yes. We will come to your home to care for your home and pets while you are away. Contact us for pricing details and scheduling.
No. We try to accommodate our clients' requests for a specific room just as we try to put returning kitties back in the rooms they were comfortable in on previous visits. However . . . each room at Paradise Cat Resort is different and matching kitties to rooms is a fine art. So, yes, we try to accommodate our clients' room choices, and yet ultimately, of course, the Paradise Cat Resort has the final say what room is best for the kitties.
There is a fire hydrant just across the street. We have an evacuation plan. Should there be threat of fire, all kitty’s will be placed in the carriers they arrived in and we will follow the evacuation procedures announced by the Town of Paradise.
Personal attention is what we pride ourselves on at Paradise Cat Resort. We are grateful and humbled that most of our new customers come to us either from personal or Vet recommendation. Susan and Ed are owners and the care givers.
The longer the boarding stay, the more attention a kitty needs. We will spend quality time on a daily basis. Depending on the kitty’s needs and desires we will determine what activities kitty will participate in. They will be brushed, petted and played with daily.
Sometimes we do. Unfortunately, we can't take dogs or any animal whose scent would bother the kitties. Bunnies, birds, guinea pigs, ferrets and fish, rodents and reptiles would be considered.
Yes. We have never had a cat have any trouble with this. They understand right away.
Always at least once a day, More as needed. Some highly fragrant kitties get immediate attention. It is all as needed.
Yes we encourage it. Most cats are very particular about which flavor and which brand. Since cats are sometimes slow to eat normally in a new situation, we watch their intake (and output) extra carefully for the first few days they are with us. Also we don't want to change their diet or eating habits, so it is a good idea for our kitty guests to come with their normal foods.
We don't charge extra to serve special diets to our kitty guests, and we don't offer a discount to those who bring their kitty’s foods.
Kirkland is our main dry food; most kitties seem to like it. We have a variety of canned foods.
Part of the paperwork you fill out gives us permission to make medical decisions in your absence. We discuss this with you thoroughly at intake. We SUGGEST everyone leave a credit card and instructions with your veterinarian in general. We REQUIRE clients who are either going to be unreachable by phone, or out of the U.S., or who have a kitty who is over the age of 14 to leave a credit card number with their vet. If we need to take your kitty to the vet, Paradise Cat Resort charges $10/hr. for that extra service.
We request that our clients put flea control, for example, "Advantage", on their kitties approximately a week before they come to the Resort. Even inside only kitties may need protection from fleas that catch a ride on clothing. We haven't had much trouble with fleas, perhaps because our clients sign an intake form that authorizes us to put "Advantage" on any kitty that has fleas. The great majority of our clients use and are pleased with "Advantage." We have heard one story of a kitty who was seriously allergic to it. We are open to Frontline or other flea control protection at our clients' requests.
We encourage a pre-boarding visit. Everyone knows trying to get away for a vacation is generally a stressful and hurried process. Visiting Paradise Cat Resort, asking your questions, getting to know Susan a little, filling out the paperwork – all this makes the drop off easier on the day of your departure. To arrange for a tour, call Susan at 530-877-7733. Tours can be arranged by appointment only.
When you drop off a kitty that day and following night are charged as one day. As long as your kitty has gone home by our 12 o'clock checkout, there is no charge for the final day. So dropping off a kitty Monday morning and picking him up by 12 pm Friday is a 4 day charge.
Yes, we have a three day minimum charge.
Yes, a 50% deposit is required when the reservation is made. It is refundable if cancelation is received at least one week before your scheduled arrival.